You believe sex equals love?

Sex does not equal love.  It is very often a misconception that women and especially young girls have.  Men can enjoy sex with several partners without loving them and without wanting or considering committing to the girl/s he has sex with.  Young women often mistake the closeness of sex with love because she has the need for someone to care for her, to hold her, to protect her and be close to her.  If a man holds her, whispers sweet things in her ear and makes tender love to her, she mistakenly believes he loves her. Love is the way is which one person treats the other person and it is a very different relationship.

Sex can be part of a loving relationship, but sex does not make a relationship a loving one. It does not mean that a man loves a woman if he has sex with her. A man telling a woman that if she loves him she will have sex with him is manipulating her into doing something he wants. If a guy puts pressure on a girl to have sex with him to prove her love to him, she must consider consenting to sex very carefully. A man who really loves a woman will not put pressure on her to have sex with him.

Often men will take woman out and treat them to good time and then wants sex in return as payment. This is not love. It is a business transaction. Young girls can prevent this from happening by paying for their own entertainment.

It is very important that a young girl should define love. You have to write a definition of what you think love is.  This will help you to evaluate the relationship you have with a guy. If the relationship does not fit the definition, he does not love you and you need to very carefully consider if you want to have sex with him.

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