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What is a vasectomy? The vas deferens is a tube taking sperm from the testis to the seminal glands where semen is produced. There are two tubes, one from each testis. In a vasectomy, both these tubes are closed off.

It is an ideal method for men who have completed their families and do not want to have any more children. It is a small operation done under a local anesthetic where the vas deference, (the tube the sperm is transported in) is cut and closed. The procedure has no effect on the sexual performance of men.


It is easy, safe and effective.

It is a permanent contraceptive method for men who do not want to have more children.

It gives sexual freedom, as there is no fear of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.


If the decision to have a vasectomy was made hastily, the men can regret deciding on a non-reversible contraceptive.

The Procedure:

At Reproductive Choices Male sterilization is done under local anaesthetic. In a counselling session information is given and explained. A small midline incision is made in the scrotum and a small piece of the vas deference is removed. Men stay in the clinic to recuperate for a while. A sick note is provided booking men off for 7 days strict bed rest. If you stay far from Centurion or if you drive a manual car its best to get someone to drive you.

After 20 ejaculations / 3 MONTHS, two semen samples have to be submitted a few weeks apart for analysis and for a clear result.

“Why Vasectomy Might Suit Men Better”

  1. High Effectiveness: Vasectomy proves highly reliable in preventing unplanned pregnancies, boasting efficacy comparable to tubal ligation according to the Urological Association guidelines [1].
  2. Minimally Invasive Procedure: This 20-30 minute procedure typically occurs in a doctor’s office, not requiring a full operating room. A local anesthetic is used, minimizing discomfort for the patient.
  3. Lower Health Risks: Compared to tubal ligation, vasectomy involves fewer surgical risks, particularly as it avoids the need for general anesthesia and is less invasive.
  4. Cost-Efficient: Vasectomy is notably more cost-effective than other sterilization methods, considering its office-based procedure and the absence of general anesthesia.
  5. One-Time Expense: Unlike ongoing costs associated with contraceptives like condoms or pills, vasectomy is a singular, permanent expenditure.
  6. Potential Insurance Coverage: Health insurance often covers a significant portion of vasectomy expenses, lessening the financial burden on individuals or couples.
  7. Sexual Function Unaffected: Studies show that vasectomy generally does not negatively impact sexual function, with high satisfaction rates among men who have undergone the procedure.

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