What is teenage prenancy?

If a teenager between the ages of 11 and 19 falls pregnant, it is regarded as teenage pregnancy.

So if you are between these ages and you think you might be pregnant where do you start?


REMEMBER: Do not ignore the problem! It is not going to go away by itself. You will have to sort it out yourself and the sooner the better. This can be a very scary time and young girls are often overwhelmed and petrified of the situation and the implications but please take responsibility!


How do I know that I am pregnant? What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Your period is late.

You feel you want to vomit all the time. Certain smells and foods make you feel ill.

Your breasts feel full and sensitive.

Your tummy feels unconfortable and bloated.

You feel tired.


What must I do? What must I do?

1          The first thing to do if you think you might be pregnant is to get the right answers. You need to confirm the pregnancy or rule it out. It is of no use to be worried and freaked out without being sure if you are pregnant of not. You need not have all the symptoms listed above but if your period is late and you had unprotected sex, it is a good idea to have a pregnancy test. You can go to the clinic or a doctor and ask them to do a pregnancy test for you. You can also go to your local pharmacy and buy an over the counter pregnancy test and test your urine yourself. If your period is late and the pregnancy test is negative, you need to repeat the test in a week’s time. You might be very early in the pregnancy and the test might not be positive yet. If it is still negative after a week you need to discuss the situation with a nurse or doctor and if they have ruled out other possibilities for your period being late you need to start a contraceptive.

2          Talk to an adult you trust; someone that will help you without judging you. Adults, especially your parents, can be very shocked and they sometimes overreact and throw a tantrum but they often calm down and then they sit down and help you. They might say things they do not mean so allow them to get over the initial shock. They might not approve of the situation but that does not change the love they have for you.

3          You and you alone have to decide what you are going to do with the pregnancy.


You have three options. They are:

Keep the pregnancy

Terminate the pregnancy or give the baby up for adoption.

Your options are fully discussed in the next blog.