Cervical Cancer

Cancer of the cervix is one of the most common cancers women develop. After exposure to the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) the normal development of cells in the cervix is disturbed and abnormal cells develop. Depending on the time duration and the severity of the disturbance, different degrees of abnormal cells develop. This is known as the precursor to cervical cancer. These abnormal cells can be detected by having a pap smear on a regular basis. If a lesion is present it can be identified early and the patient can be treated before the lesion develops into invasive cancer.

The Human Papilloma Virus is transmitted during sexual contact. About 80% of woman will be infected with some type of virus at some time during their lives.

To prevent exposure to HPV it is possible to have an innoculation against it. This innoculation consists of 3 injections: one now, one one month later and one in 6 months time. After completing the innoculation you will have protection against HPV for the rest of your life.

Important fact about the innoculation:

  • Innoculations can be given to young girls before they become sexually active as well as women who have already been sexually active.
  • This innoculation prevents abnormal lesions and it does not cure cancer.
  • Young boys can also be innoculated as they are usually the carriers of the virus.

We offer regular check-ups. We encourage women to have a pap smear on an annual basis. During the pap smear we also do an internal examination to rule out any other pathology.