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Welcome to the Reproductive Choices Clinic

Our clinic is based in Midrand, Gauteng Province in South Africa. We specialize in reproductive health services and our services range from contraception to termination of pregnancies.

Abortion (Termination of Pregnancy)

It is very easy to distinguish between legal and safe service providers compared to illegal providers. By following the guide lines below, not only will the patient receive the best care possible, their ability to bear children in future would not be hampered.


Has a physical Clinic with a street address
Has a land line
Clinic is staffed by qualified doctors and nurses
Clinic is equipped to do sonars and other medical procedures
Legal clinics offers medical and surgical procedures
When you visit the clinic you have counseling and examination before any procedure is performed


Has no clinic, No physical address
Has only a cell number
Often calls himself doctor but has no relevant qualifications
Has no clinic
Only delivers or sells pills
Does not see and examine patients
Only delivers pills


Our Mission

To be the leaders in the field of reproductive health through the rendering of an effective, efficient, quality curative and preventative service to the South African public.

Female Health

We are specialists in female reproductive and sexual health offering a wide range of services and advice.

From breast exams to ante natal care we offer help and advice on female health issues at our clinic in Midrand, Gauteng.

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Male Health

We look after male sexual health matters such as post operative care and vasectomy options.

Men are welcome to make use of our specialist services at our clinic in Midrand Gauteng.

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Our Clinic

Our clinic is a well-equipped primary health care facility where we create a personal and comfortable environment because we believe that we are involved with sensitive issues.

Working on an appointment only basis, we offer our clients a confidential, private and personal service

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Teen Sexual Health

Sex does not equal love. It is very often a misconception that women and especially young girls have. Men can enjoy sex with several partners without loving them and without wanting or considering committing to the girl/s he has sex with. Young women often mistake the closeness of sex…

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